August 2, 2019

Incidence of Pediatric Cannabis Exposure Among Children and Teenagers Aged 0-19 Years Before and After Medical Marijuana Legalization in Massachusetts

This paper reports that incidences of pediatric cannabis exposure in Massachusetts increased following medical marijuana legalization. The study analyzed cannabis exposure cases amongst individuals aged 0-19 reported to the Regional Center for Poison Control between 2009 and 2016. Individuals who have cannabis in their homes either for medicinal or recreational purposes should take significant steps to ensure that children and/or teenagers do not ingest cannabis unintentionally or intentionally. Cannabis should be regarded similarly to any prescription drug kept in a home with children and be kept in a childproof container in a safe location. In addition, it is possible that the increase in cannabis related cases reported to the Regional Center of Poison Control reflect decreasing stigma towards cannabis use and increased willingness to contact help in situations of accidental or excessive ingestion.

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